UI/UX Designer

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webflow devloper
Interaction Designer

Originating from Sri Lanka, I am a Web and Interaction Designer proficient in crafting unique and aesthetic websites. I meticulously generate solutions catering to the needs of private individuals and businesses alike

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Web developer and intraction designer working with platforms such as Webflow, WordPress, Framer, Figma and GSAP. Specializing in crafting unique and aesthetically pleasing websites, I’m dedicated to delivering clean designs aligned with the latest trends.

things i can help you with...

I have a passion for helping small businesses provide their clients with the best web experiences. Specializing in crafting unique, functional, and aesthetically pleasing websites, I am dedicated to bringing your ideas into the digital era.

Let's collaborate to transform your vision into a cutting-edge online presence, ushering your business into the modern digital era with style and innovation

how i work

As a freelance web designer and Webflow developer, I specialize in launching fast, fully customized sites crafted to help grow your business. Let’s collaborate to transform and elevate your online presence. Reach out, and let the magic unfold!


Research and Planning

Explore client goals, analyze audience, and define project scope for a strategic design foundation.


Wireframing and Prototyping

Sketch basic layout; create interactive prototype for client feedback and iterative adjustments.


Design and Development

Craft minimalist aesthetics; implement design using Webflow's tools, ensuring responsiveness and functionality.


Testing and Refinement

Thoroughly test site functionality; refine design based on feedback for optimal user experience.


Handover and Support

Provide client training; deliver assets and documentation; offer ongoing support and maintenance discussions.